TS/IS “Planting a Naysayer in Your Text”

My first thought after reading this was  “If writing makes you wake up in the middle of the night panicked that you forgot to recognize criticisms in your work- that’s not healthy..” .  Anyway..

This chapter of TSIS talks about using criticism in your writing to enhance it as a whole.  As tempting as it could be to ignore ideas that contradict yours, if you are able to acknowledge them, you can respond to them accordingly, which makes your argument even stronger.  It gives you as an author credibility, as well as showing that you are not close minded.  You do not assume the readers/audience is gullible, either.

We are working on our 3rd essay this semester, and we are arguing the morality and ethics of eating other animals.  Some see this as a commonly accepted practice, others are against eating any and all animals whatsoever.  I wouldn’t be surprised if most fall into the “troubled middle” we talked about.  However we feel, we have to make an argument.  Using this method of noticing other opinions and ideas will make our essay complete.  Otherwise, it’ll just be biased, which does not make a convincing argument.



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