Returning to the (Re)past

I talked about my views on eating animals in the consider the first ever lobster journal I wrote.  I was brought up to believe animals were put on this earth for different reasons.  Some were meant for companionship, some were meant for  admiration, others for food, etc. My family in Maine are hunters.  However, they use every part of what they kill.  The follow laws and have permits.  I never saw a problem with eating meat.  Although, I could never bring myself to eat moose or deer.

At some point in high school, most of us had to sit through some sort of humane society or PETA video showing the way factory farms work, in some attempt to make us vegan.  They bothered me greatly, as someone who wants to work with animals in some way in the future.  However, I didn’t stop eating meat.  I couldn’t, it was too much a part of my diet.  I have low blood pressure, so it helped with my energy level.  However, if something was killed directly in front of me, I would not be able to bring myself to eat it.

That being said, I would not change the way I wrote my favorite meal essay.  I enjoy this meal I wrote about because it was one of the few times I got to see my family from, at the time, 8 hours away. I got to bond over preparing it with them.  My family rarely seemed happy together, but generally, this was an exception. Approaching this essay had nothing to do with the food itself, although it is very yummy. Being aware of where your food comes from is important, but I didn’t base my essay off of the food itself, and the environment and happiness of that time, especially because I will never experience that tradition the same way again.    001260090


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