Animals Like Us

  1.  It probably would depend on the person and how they feel about animals as to which are more “morally problematic”.  If you have a soft spot for dogs, some using them for food would be extremely problematic compared to using fish.  It would also depend if you’re a trophy hunter or a PETA person.
  2. I’m definitely in the “troubled middle” of this.  It means that we eat meat from animals, but from only certain kinds of animals.  Testing for a life saving drug on animals is a good idea but not testing cosmetics.  It seems hypocritical, but it’s a mixture of what he called “a big brain and a big heart”.  You keep both interests of humans and animals in mind.
  3. I would say that culture heavily influences the difference between “pets” and “food”.  I was grown up taught that different animals were put on the earth for different purposes.  Some were to sustain humans, others for companionship.

I accidentally visited the websites on the questions at the end instead a first- on the humane society I watched a video of seals that made me bawl my eyes out for a solid 20 minutes.  Never again.  😦  8926-Baby-Seal


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