Journal 14: TS/IS “And yet”

You don’t generally think about others not knowing who’s ideas are who’s in your writing, since you know what you’re trying to say.  Others though, might not always understand, and I think this chapter is really important for the essay we’re working on now.    Not only are we summarizing and supporting an authors point of view we’re discussing our own as well.  This could very easily lead to an audience’s confusion about who’s view belongs to who (especially considering there are 3 authors plus the writer of the paper).  More than ever, distinguishing the opinions of which belongs to which person will benefit the papers we are currently working on.  It will support our claims strongly, hopefully making for a successful argument.

I think it’s interesting how they mention most people assume not to use “I” in their writings.  The authors are saying that that’s okay, which is the opposite of what high school teachers have told us in the past.  I like how they mention avoiding first-person writing makes it hard to figure out who’s opinion belongs to whom, since that’s so important in this assignment we are working on.  Not having to avoid “I” will be extremely beneficial.



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