Journal 13- TS/IS Yes/ No/ Okay, But

As important as it is to acknowledge what others say in your writing, it is that much more important to tell what you say.  This is what makes it yours and not just a summary.  This chapter focused on the three most common ways to respond to others’ thoughts.  These three ways can be manipulated to fit with your writing, though, so you’re not restrained in any way.  Sometimes, the simpler you make it for readers to understand your ideas, the better.  Being direct is important.

I personally like the “duh” move, where you point out something you agree with, but you also point out how it’s common sense.  (As a sarcastic person, this is right down my alley.)  I also a lot of the time find myself agreeing with some ideas of others, but not all of them.  That can actually be used to lead from someone else’s opinions into your own.  The most important part- whether you agree or disagree with something- is to explain why.  Without reason, your “argument” isn’t very effective.  If you do agree with something, you need to add new ideas to the conversation (e.g. personal experience, new evidence not stated prior, new situations).  I imagine agreeing with someone has a goal of making that overall argument stronger and harder for others to dispute. Generally, I would expect most common method would agree and disagree at the same time.  That can lead to a well thought out and complex discussion as long as you don’t contradict yourself.  Being undecided on ideas can be frustrating, but occasionally necessary. I plan to avoid that stance if possible when writing argumentatively.  i_say_shark


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