Journal 11- Making Connections

The three works we’ve read so far have all been very different.  One about a meal at McDonald’s, one about a film production code, and one about how body’s are prepared for a funeral.  However, all three of these writings have a commonality, and that is each describes a situation that hides something.  What’s actually going on in these different circumstances is hidden.

“The Meal” by Michael Pollan describes a meal at McDonalds.  He shows what appears to be to the consumer, but then reveals what the food actually is, pointing out what “meat” is used and how much corn is in each product.  Thus, the real ingredients are sort of hidden from the consumer.  In “The Film Production Code of 1930” the author tells about how there was a film code in the 1930’s that limited what movies could feature in their productions.  Many events: crime, sex, drugs, etc all are topics of things that happen in the real world.  This production code hid these very real events from the general public. Finally, in “The Story of Service” by Jessica Mitford goes into detail about the process of preparing a deceased body for a funeral.  There are many things that go on in the process that people probably don’t know about.  People in the industry all use certain words, as to avoid having the mourners actually have a hint as to what goes on beforehand.


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