TS/IS- Journal #8 Quoting

I have personally always struggled with quoting. (I think I said that about summarizing too. So this makes sense since quoting is a part of that.) I like the approach the authors took though with the concept of not being a “hit and run” quoter.  I tend to do that quite often.  I’ll show the evidence but not elaborate on it.  I’m kind of doing that right now because I’m not sure what else to say about it.  The elaboration is key to a successful essay though.  I also really liked the idea of “framing” a quote.

introduction [insert quote here] analysis

That’s how I vision this frame.  Kind of like a quote sandwich or hot dog or something. The quote has to be squished in between text that can support it so it doesn’t fall apart.

My other struggle when writing and quoting is that I tend to have a hard time interpreting and analyzing. If an author were to say “The curtains were blue,” someone might say “I can analyze that and say the blue represents sadness”.  Meanwhile I just think that maybe his favorite color was blue.  That being said, others can overanalyze quotes beyond what the author intended them to mean.  The author of TSIS says it’s better to show readers how YOU interpret your quote, since things can be seen in different ways by different people.

Finally, introducing quotes.  Basically don’t be too wordy.  Get to the point.  That could lead to misleading/ confusing your audience.  That is not effective when trying to prove a point.


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