American Culture

American culture is a very broad idea.  To people from other countries, they see American culture as loud, prosperous, and they think we eat a lot.  American culture to me is the idea that an individual can be successful with hard work.  My grandparents grew up in Northern Maine, and the were raised in conditions most of us couldn’t even imagine today. They had nothing.  They worked.  They had no help from government or their families.  Now, they’ve been able to own a home and raise a family.  My mother was the first to go to college, not only that but she finished her Master’s degree.  Part of my motivation when it comes to my studies is to not take for granted what my grandparents worked so hard for.  They built the foundation for me to be successful, along with my parents as well.  I think that one of the most important values of American culture is motivation.  “Success” is what many people strive for in this country.  For different people that can mean different things.  For some, it could mean working to be rich. For others, success is being able to provide a safe environment for their families to grow up in.  Many see America as the “land of opportunity”.  For me, that is a key part of our American culture.  With our freedom comes opportunity that you can’t find anywhere else.



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