TS/IS 19-29- They Say

This chapter of TS/IS is explaining the importance of stating another person’s argument before establishing your own in an oral/written debate.  Hints to doing so include:

  • Saying what “they say” as soon as possible.
  • Don’t go on forever on someone else’s point.  Establish it, then use it as a transition to your point

You can also

  • introduce ideas as something you used to believe
  • use some ideas you are conflicted about
  • use a statement implied or assumed

Even in more complex cases, you can summarize two or more views on a particular topic.  This proves you have a well known knowledge of the subject, and that what you are saying is reliable.

You can’t forget to mention the claims you are responding to as you write.  This helps the reader follow your points, so keep going back to “they say” especially if you have a long text.

You see this commonly in political debates.  It’s what they use to discredit their opponents to make someone want to vote for them.


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