Journal #3- From Telling to Showing- Animal Shelter

You pulling up to the shelter, heading down the long driveway passing by pastures for some horses to be outside and graze on he greenest grass. You can hear the dogs barking from outside the buildings.  Some are excited, others scared and anxious. To the right are shirts, bags, and other items with the shelter’s name written across it.  Some might have a paw print or animal silhouette on them too.  To your right are pet supplies, even dog treats that taste like peanut butter.  Well you can’t buy pet supplies without a pet, so you continue walking along the narrow hallways.  You enter through a glass door and in front of you you see cages.  They’re good sizes so the dogs can walk around and be able to move, but you look behind the bars at these sad little faces looking right back at you.  The barking is louder now, even though they sound more like a yelp or a cry at times.  They don’t want to be here, and every little face you see is telling you to “take me home pwetty please”.  In one cage is a little ball of fluff.  It’s a Papillon about a foot tall.  Her right leg is bent in a strange way.  She pants heavily, but smells like she was just fresh out of a bath.  You pick her up and she wiggles her tail and licks your nose and makes it all slimy.  Her fur is soft but slightly knotted.  A volunteer there says, “She was abused by her last owner.  He broke her leg to slow her down.” Still, she is friendly as can be.  Her name is Lilo and after scribbling your name onto some papers she’s yours.
You walk out feeding her peanut butter treats and wishing you could’ve taken them all.  They all might not be in the best situation there, but they are safe and cared for.  You only hope that one day, they will find a forever home.


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