Journal #1- Consider the Lobster

To the author: Why a lobster? Out of every living thing in the world, why use a lobster to get your message across? Do you think that killing animals for food to benefit the human race is negative? Are killings of some living things more justifiable than killing others? (i.e. cow vs lobster)

Limits to a written discussion: During a written discussion you can only address so many points. A message over a written text can be interpreted many different ways, so as a writer you need be able to think from other’s potential point of view, even if you may not agree with it.

Summary: In this text the author talks about his experience at the Maine Lobster Festival in the year 2003.  He doesn’t seem amused by the tourist vibe of the event.  He goes on to explain the process of cooking a lobster.  He compares their reaction to how a human would react if they were dropped in a pot of boiling water.  Essentially he is asking the audience to question how they eat their food in the bigger picture.  He then raises the question “Is it morally okay to kill to eat?”  He even compares our cooking of lobsters to the barbaric violent empires of the past.  The author admits to enjoying eating some meats so he “selfishly” justifies their death.

My maternal half of my family lives in down east Maine and they absolutely adore lobster.  Quite often we would travel from MA to visit and we would have a huge family cookout which involved boiling the lobsters.  My family always saw hunting as a way to maintaining a population and would eat or use whatever they killed.  It was never just for fun.  I was raised by the thinking that animals were put on earth for certain reasons.  Some of which were meant to sustain humans.  I saw no problem with what they were doing.  In fact, I still don’t.  The article made me think of a different perspective, yes, but comparing a lobster to a person is not an accurate comparison when it comes to our scientific anatomy and make up.  The author argues the lobster wouldn’t “prefer” to be cooked, but in life any animal would “prefer” certain circumstances, but that doesn’t always happen because we don’t live in an ideal world.enhanced-buzz-32059-1319472148-34


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